Robust, engaging security awareness training is an essential part of strong cyber security practices, especially given the accelerated digital transformation and shift by many organizations to remote workforces.

It can also be a crucial value-added product for resellers, distributors, MSSPs, OEMs partners and technology partners, who are looking to expand their portfolio, drive business growth globally, and solidify their standing as a trusted, respected cyber security expert.

On November 12th, both aspects will come together during Terranova Security’s 2020 Security Awareness Virtual Summit for Partners. Sponsored by Microsoft, the event will feature informative presentations on important security awareness training topics, a walkthrough of the Terranova Security Partner Program’s benefits, and an in-depth solution demo highlights how successfully changes behavior.

Attendees will experience first-hand why Terranova Security’s high-quality, evolving content and real-world phishing simulations form the backbone of an industry-leading security awareness solution. They’ll also gain insight into how partnering with Terranova Security can cultivate a simple, transparent, and profitable relationship.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the upcoming event’s agenda:

1. Why Terranova Security and Microsoft Joined Forces

One of the security awareness training industry’s highlights during 2020 was the announcement of Terranova Security’s current partnership with Microsoft.

By leveraging Terranova Security’s high-quality training content and real-world attack simulations, Office 365 ATP users can benefit from security awareness training that maximizes efficacy and ROI.

This presentation will feature insight into

  • The reasons why Microsoft joined forces with Terranova Security
  • How this partnership will address any organization’s most significant phishing threat factors
  • Why this alliance signals an exciting new chapter in information security globally

You can also read more about the partnership on the Terranova Security blog.

2. Why Simulated Attack is Essential to Your Security Awareness Training Program

One of the biggest challenges in security awareness training is measuring the effectiveness of user behavior change. Without the practical reinforcement to test a user’s security knowledge, any related training initiative will have significant blind spots when it comes to benchmarking.

During this presentation, sponsor Microsoft’s presenter will explain how simulated phishing attacks help to contextualize critical security awareness training concepts, enabling users to better detect and quantify possible cyber threats.

The presenter will also touch on how an organization can establish statistical baselines and measure improvement through the detection, calculation, and correction of user behavior that’s possible through the combination of training and phishing simulations.

3. How to Leverage the Terranova Security Partner Program and Partner Portal

Terranova Security’s partners are more than just a group of vendors. They’re members of a thriving community of recognized information security leaders, all aligned in their commitment to bring the best security awareness training to customers.

As this presentation will demonstrate, partnering with Terranova Security gives distributors, MSSPs, OEM partners, resellers, and technology partners the chance to add value to their respective portfolios, empower their clients, and enjoy a great return on investment.

As part of the discussion, Terranova Security presenter Harold Walker, [CISSP and Channel Manager], will also delve into:

  • How Terranova Security provides partners with dependable, effective solutions
  • The training and certification options, as well as the special offers, that come built-in to the program
  • The different marketing and sales tools Terranova Security provides to encourage business growth
  • How the program and portal structures facilitate a simple, profitable experience for all involved

A Complete Security Awareness Training Demo

The 2020 Security Awareness Virtual Summit for Partners will also feature an in-depth demo of Terranova Security’s training courses and phishing simulation capabilities.

This walkthrough, using the Terranova Security awareness training platform, will demo an immersive overview of the following aspects:

  • Security awareness training content that targets user phishing behaviors
  • The different content formats, available across multiple libraries, that enable a flexible, impactful learning experience
  • Real-world attack simulations and just-in-time training that reinforce key concepts
  • Integrated tools that boost participation and increase user motivation



Security Awareness Virtual Summit for Partners

Join Terranova Security and sponsor Microsoft on November 12, at 12 pm ET for an informative series of virtual sessions on security awareness and phishing simulation training, created exclusively for actual and future partners.