“It’s a great privilege to be included in this list of exceptional women,” states Lise Lapointe, President of Terranova WW Corporation. “I would also like to thank Insights Success for shining the spotlight on businesswomen and I hope that this article will inspire more women to become entrepreneurs.”

Of course, our historical heritage and our education play a role, and much remains to be done before women will be able to take their place and hold the same important positions as men in the business world. It is thus unsurprising that still today, only 23 women are included in a list of 500 CEOs.1 This clearly shows that we have a long way to go before reaching parity between men and women in business. It is essential to continue encouraging women to become entrepreneurs and to hold more positions of power within society.

In that spirit, Insights Success magazine shortlisted and profiled 30 women who, through their personalities and entrepreneurial qualities, exercise significant influence in their industries and in the business world in general. We are very proud that our president, Lise Lapointe, was recognized by the magazine as being one of the most influential women in business.

In its latest issue, Insights Success outlined characteristics that prosperous businesswomen share, such as positivity, force of character, strength to overcome obstacles, work/life balance, total focus on the next move, empathy, and the ability to manage stress.

We must follow our dreams, and, according to Lise Lapointe, nothing is impossible!

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1. Source: Insights Success Magazine, Merits Metamorphosing Women into Successful Business Women