Terranova provides proven methods for addressing the growing security risks to corporations and employees from online threats.

The President and Founder of Terranova Worldwide Corporation, Lise Lapointe, notes during her interview, “There is a lot of new technology today being used by companies and their employees. This technology introduces new security risks, and existing technology and software cannot address all of those challenges and risks.”

Lapointe continues with, “We have found that best practices in the field of information security involve ongoing and effective training at all levels of the user space. A lot of our clients lack the resources and experience to build a successful security awareness campaign, and Terranova is able to step in and help them develop their campaign strategies, planning and provide tools such as on line training, posters, newsletters, videos, learning management system, pre and post evaluation, etc.“

Lise Lapointe founded Terranova in 2001 and the company has a foundation of more than two decades of IT pedagogical expertise. The firm has earned the Brandon Hall Bronze Award for Best Advance in learning management technology for compliance training. As a leader in information security awareness, Terranova Worldwide Corporation primary mission is helping companies and employees respond to the growing level of threats and security risks, “we build strong links to protect the organization’s information”.

Guillaume Caron, VP for International Sales, adds, “Terranova has completed more than 1,000 assignments and takes pride in tailoring our approach to each client, including multiple languages for 80-plus countries and with sensitivity to different cultures. Effective programs have evolved over the past decade of actual practice and client feedback.

The Vice President of Programming of Corporate Review, JL Haber, introduced this new interview with the observation, “Information security and online threats is one of the biggest business challenges many of our viewers face. They will be excited to learn about the innovative and effective resources available from Terranova.”

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