October 2020

Your Phishing Simulation is On Us

The Gone Phishing TournamentTM is an annual, cyber security event open to security and risk management leaders responsible for driving a security culture by testing, training and reporting on phishing threats.

*Registrations end September 30

What is the Gone
Phishing Tournament?

It’s an online phishing tournament that leverages phishing simulations to establish true phishing clickthrough benchmarking statistics.

Who Should Participate?

Any organization who wants to measure and compare their phishing click rate with other organizations in the same vertical, size, and geographical location.

Why Should You Register?

Gone Phishing Tournament results are based on one phishing template deployed within a pre-defined period, providing organizations with the data-backed insights they need to grow their security awareness programs.

Global Phishing Simulation Event

One Phishing Simulation Template

One Phishing Simulation Testing Period

Your Choice of Users

Free Phishing Simulation

Complimentary Global Benchmarking Report

Personalized Click Rate Report

The tournament will take place in October 2020 to coincide with National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). The event helps security leaders get a clear picture of their organization’s true phishing click rate. We will launch a free phishing simulation to each organization’s user list of choice, using the same phishing template during the same period. This approach provides accurate click rate data and facilitates data-driven comparison to an organization’s peers.

Co-sponsored by Microsoft, the tournament will use an email template from Attack simulation training, a new capability of Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) releasing later this year. Attack simulation training is an intelligent social engineering risk management tool that uses context-aware simulations and hyper-targeted training to train your employees, and measures behavior change all on an automated platform, simplifying the design and deployment of security awareness training.

True Phishing Benchmarks Are Crucial to Improving Security Awareness

Organizations must be able to define their organization’s phishing click rate and compare it to those from organizations in same industry and of similar size. The Gone Phishing Tournament provides cyber security and risk management leaders data-driven insights that make it easy to measure and compare their phishing risk level against their peers.

Find Out How Your Click Rate Stacks Up
Register for The Gone Phishing TournamentTM

Take advantage of the free phishing simulation as a service trial – launched and managed by the Terranova Security team

Provide a custom list of users you want to participate in the event

Get a complimentary copy of the annual Gone Phishing report (publication scheduled for early 2021)

Compare your true click rate with peers with personalized phishing results

Increase awareness around the dangers of cyber threats

Reinforce the importance of recognizing and flagging phishing emails



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*Registrations end September 30

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