How Does Your Click Rate Stack Up?

The 2020 Gone Phishing Tournament Global Benchmark Report outlines the data-driven insights gained from this year’s virtual cyber security event. The findings included in the report can help CISOs, information security experts, and other organizational leaders to build strong security-aware cultures by strengthening the human element of cyber security.

What is the Gone
Phishing Tournament?

It’s an online phishing tournament that leverages phishing simulations to establish true phishing clickthrough benchmarking statistics.

Who Should Participate?

Any organization who wants to measure and compare their phishing click rate with other organizations in the same vertical, size, and geographical location.

Why Should You Register?

Gone Phishing Tournament results are based on one phishing template deployed within a pre-defined period, providing organizations with the data-backed insights they need to grow their security awareness programs.

The 2020 Global Benchmark Report provides security leaders with a clear picture of their organization’s true phishing click rate. This stems from the tournament’s use of a single template for all participants, collecting accurate click rate data that facilitates a precise, actionable comparison to a given organization’s peers.

What’s Included in the Report?

  • Gone Phishing Tournament click rate results segmented by industry, organization size, region, web browser, and operating system
  • Insight into the Gone Phishing Tournament strategy and methodology
  • The difference in effectiveness between a security awareness training program that includes phishing simulations versus one that doesn’t
  • The impact of real-world phishing attacks on global organizations
  • Tips and next steps that highlight security awareness training and phishing simulation must-haves

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Why You Need True Phishing Benchmark Data

Organizations must be able to define their organization’s phishing click rate and compare it to those from organizations in same industry and of similar size. The Global Benchmarking Report provides cyber security and risk management leaders data-driven insights that make it easy to measure and compare their phishing risk level against their peers.

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