Terranova’s new online course, Raising Security Awareness Effectively, is like a good suit. It fits just right. It is intentionally designed to address the unique needs and business contexts of information security professionals like you.

Implementing a successful information security awareness (ISA) program poses numerous challenges. Terranova understands. That is why we have created a winning formula that allows you to build an effective, measurable ISA program as per clearly defined objectives. The outcome: better, long-term results.

Our Experience. Working for You.

Raising Security Awareness Effectively stems from Terranova’s 15 years’ experience in the field of cybersecurity – collaborating with CISOs and security experts to create a compilation of key insights and benchmarks. As we launch this new course, we eagerly share such knowledge with you.

Terranova’s 5-Step Awareness Framework

When it comes to security, the stakes are high. Terranova helps you rise to the challenge with its innovative 5-Step ISA Framework built on the following key phases:

  1. Analyze Needs as per Business Context and Target Audience
  2. Plan and Map Out Communication Strategies
  3. Deploy Campaigns
  4. Measure Results and Findings
  5. Optimize Overall Security Awareness Program
We’ve Made It Simple

Raising Security Awareness Effectively offers a unique approach to employee training by giving you access to a comprehensive suite of smart, intuitive tools and thought-provoking content created to motivate your target audiences, reinforce best practices, and maximize behavioral change within your organization.

First of its kind in the industry, our course positions security awareness as an ongoing process, emphasizing a continuous dialogue between security professionals, managers, HR personnel, and employees. It also encourages you to call upon the expertise of different departments, notably, marketing, corporate communications, information technology, and human resources when needed to further optimize your program’s performance.

Increasing the effectiveness of your security awareness program, our course helps ensure that cybersecurity awareness is deeply engrained in your business – that it becomes part of your overall culture.

CISOs and Information Security Professionals

Terranova is committed to educating security professionals, at all levels, through its new online course. Raising Security Awareness Effectively speaks to experts in the field, whether you are new to raising security awareness via online training; you have experience, but you are not achieving your objectives; you are defining an overall awareness program; or, you need to launch a security awareness program on very short notice. No matter your background or situation, Terranova has got you covered. Throughout the course, you will have access to learning tools, serving as key-point reminders and map-out guides.

Stay Tuned

In the following weeks, Terranova will be hosting a webinar on the course Raising Security Awareness Effectively. Follow us on social media for more information.