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Avoid scary cyber-attacks with real-time phishing simulations

Here are the top reasons to leverage phishing simulations to increase alertness levels to phishing attacks including malware, ransomware, spear phishing, whaling, CEO fraud and BEC.   Phishing Fact #1   As a CISO, you are involved in the purchase…

Why Is Phishing Awareness Training Important?

Combine Phishing Awareness Training And Security Awareness Training To Help Reduce Your Largest Attack Surface = Your Employees Simulating phishing attacks on your workforce allows you to assess the maturity of your organization regarding its security awareness posture, and subsequently,…

The C-Suite Is The New Main Target Of Phishing Attacks

We know that phishing attacks are on the rise, but did you know that more and more executives are falling for these phishing emails every day? New phishing campaigns targeting executives are intelligently crafted and difficult to spot. Traditional hardware/software…