Benchmark Report 2019 (Coming December 2019)

How Does Your Click Rate Stack Up?

Actionable Click Rate Benchmarking for Security Awareness Leaders

What is the Gone
Phishing Tournament?

A phishing tournament that provides true benchmarking statistics related to phishing simulations.

Why participate?

Organizations should get involved in order to adapt their security awareness programs based on true benchmark results: One phishing template – Same time period.

Who should participate?

Organizations globally who want to measure and compare their click rate with other organizations by vertical, similar size and geographical location.

When does the Gone Phishing Tournament take place?

The Tournament is an annual event. Registration for 2020 will begin June 1, 2020. Save the date!

Global Phishing Simulation Event

Global Phishing Simulation Event

Single Phishing Simulation Template

One Phishing Simulation Testing Period

The tournament takes place during the month of October and helps security and risk management leaders understand how their click rate really stacks up and compares to other organizations. Terranova Security, recognized Gartner MQ Leader in Security Awareness, launches a free phishing simulation every year to each organization’s list of employees using the same phishing template during the same period. This approach provides an accurate click rate and comparison to peers.

Benchmarking Statistics Related to Phishing Simulations Are Critical For Driving Behavioral Change

Organizations need the ability to compare their respective click rate within their workforce with other organizations in the same industry, similar size or geographical location. The Gone Phishing Tournament will provide security and risk management leaders the opportunity to measure and compare their true click rate with peers.

Find Out How Your Click Rate Stacks Up

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