Security awareness training is indispensable to ensure that your users have the knowledge they need to protect your organization’s sensitive data from cyber threats. These training initiatives also help create a strong cyber-secure organizational culture that emphasizes engaged, aware employees.

On July 7th, Terranova Security will host the 2020 edition of the Security Awareness Virtual Summit, sponsored by Microsoft. Enjoy informative presentations on important security awareness training topics. Submit questions to a panel of industry experts and experience a security and phishing awareness training solution that successfully changes behavior.

This event will provide attendees with the tools required to boost training modules participation and completion rates, formulate an effective security awareness training program, and how to optimize performance through data-driven insights.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the upcoming event agenda:

1. How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Security Awareness Training Program

One of the biggest challenges in security awareness training is measuring its effectiveness. Without the practical tools to test and deepen a user’s security awareness knowledge, any related training initiative will be little more than a trial-and-error process.

During the keynote, Microsoft’s presenter will explain how simulated phishing attacks can help to contextualize critical security awareness training concepts, as well as help detect and quantify a user’s level of vulnerability

He’ll also touch on how an organization can establish baselines to measure improvement through the detection, calculation, and correction of user risks through the combination of training and phishing simulations.

2. How to Tailor a Security Awareness Training Program to Your Organization’s Needs

This virtual workshop, led by Terranova Security CISO Theo Zafirakos, will provide tips for security awareness professionals on how they can design an effective, personalized program for their organization. At the same time, he will also explain the most important elements to consider, including:

  • How to build a security awareness training program that will increase overall user participation rates and help achieve an organization’s security awareness goals
  • How to successfully deploy the training program to target new employees and identify an audience for role-based training
  • The ideal frequency, format, and duration of security awareness training activities
  • How to best design learning paths for repeat clickers and leverage just-in-time training to improve the user’s awareness and alertness levels

3. How to Leverage Tactics Vetted by Security Awareness Experts

The event will also feature a panel discussion featuring Lise Lapointe, Terranova Security CEO, and author of the book “The Human Fix to Human Risk,” as well as industry experts from CapGemini and KPMG-Egyde.

Discover the secret to a successful security awareness training program. Our panelists will share insight into how to set up a well-balanced awareness program with theoretical and practical components. You’ll also receive expert advice that will help you plan a training program that is tailored to reflect real-world situations and encourage better knowledge retention.

Submit Your Questions to Our Panel of Industry Experts to : [email protected]

A Complete Security Awareness Training Demo

The 2020 Security Awareness Virtual Summit will also help attendees learn more about the people-centric approach to security awareness training and content.

This walkthrough, using the Terranova Security awareness training platform, will demo an immersive overview of the following aspects:

  • Security awareness training content that covers topics such as phishing, ransomware, social engineering, and more
  • The microlearning and nanolearning library that enables a flexible, impactful learning environment
  • Risk-based phishing simulations and just-in-time training that reinforce key concepts
  • Integrated gamification that increases user participation and motivation


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