The most recent cyberattack is certainly using up a lot of ink and data. Among other things, it affected the British Health Service, the French automobile manufacturer Renault, the Russian banking system, the American logistics group FedEx, the Spanish telecom company Telefonica, universities in Greece and Italy, companies in Mexico, Japan, China, Vietnam, and much more. With over 200,000 victims and 150 countries involved, this qualified as an unprecedented offensive.

Cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated, and cybercriminals are very persistent. According to Guillaume Poupart, the Head of the French national agency for information system security (ANSSI), “We should expect than in the days and weeks to come, repeat cyberattacks will occur regularly.”

No one is safe from loopholes in computer security. It takes only one person to click on an infected link for the virus to spread across the planet. And there are no firewalls or technical solutions to prevent this from happening. Your employees remain the Achilles heel of your organization where information security is concerned. Turn this around and make them your best allies!

Three key points to consider for combatting cyberattacks

Whether ransomware or phishing attempts are involved, here are three key points to consider for preventing these kinds of attacks:

  • Implement a continuous online training program to demonstrate good cybersecurity practices to your employees,
  • Instill and support a company-wide culture of awareness about information security,
  • Assess the vulnerability level of your employees and improve their ability to recognize fraudulent emails.

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It pays off to focus on the human factor, to reduce the risk of intrusions and their consequences. Organizations that have understood this are already ahead of the game.

It’s up to you to do the same!