Bringing the Best in Security Awareness Content to Microsoft Customers

Terranova Security has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft

Microsoft is leveraging our phishing, security awareness, social engineering, and cyber security content in Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Capabilities (Office 365 ATP).

Microsoft’s technology and platform enriches us with intelligent insights to develop security awareness training on the most recent and relevant risks. This partnership empowers Terranova Security to provide human-centric security training at maximum scale and efficacy,

Lise Lapointe, Terranova Security CEO and author of The Human Fix to the Human Risk.

To say that we are thrilled about this partnership would be an understatement. This partnership aligns with our mission of building security aware corporate cultures. The best way to do this is with a dual focus on security awareness training and real-world phishing and training simulations.

Microsoft ‘s is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Terranova Security to provide world-class security training to end users. Through this partnership, we will address our customers’ most significant risk vectors – phishing driving risky end user behaviors.

Why Was Terranova Security Chosen?

 Terranova Security was chosen for three core reasons:

1. Our human-centric approach to security awareness training and content

Behavioral science tells us that people need relatable and relevant content that stimulates behavioral change. People need security awareness training and simulations that establish a new thought pattern around opening and replying to emails.

We are naturally inclined to want to trust and to help others – exactly the human behavior that cybercriminals prey on with phishing emails and other cyber threats.

With our combined approach of security awareness training and phishing simulations, people can apply the lessons they learn in real-world scenarios. This helps reinforce new response patterns and establish a security aware mindset. And this is exactly what the Terranova Security content library, simulations, gamified training, and learning catalog achieves.

2. Our comprehensive content catalog

 Cookie-cutter training does not work. We give people access to a deep and rich security awareness training catalog that supports a wide range of behavior patterns, roles, and knowledge gaps.

It’s important to remember that no two people learn the same way. To ensure that everyone has content that appeals and meets them where they are, we offer gamified training, micro- and nano videos, multilingual content, and courses with a range of duration options.

3. Our demonstrated commitment to diverse and inclusive perspectives

It’s not enough for security awareness training to be gamified or to include simulations – it must also be relevant and relatable. People want and deserve to see and hear themselves in training videos, simulations, poster campaigns, and in the boardroom.

This is exactly what we do at Terranova Security. Inclusion is part of everything we do from the content and images in our training courses to our leadership team. As we proved with our Gone Phishing Tournament, people engage and learn when they can communicate in their native language. Our content library is available in 40 different languages, enabling training across geographies and communities.

A little-known fact about our content is that it meets the success criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) ..  Accessible web content must put an emphasis on the people using the content – in other words, a human-centric approach.

Microsoft strives to serve customers from all over the world, with different perspectives and needs. Terranova’s focus on diversity and inclusion bolsters our ability to deliver industry-leading experiences for all our customers.

Microsoft and Terranova Security – Putting the Human Element in Security Awareness Training

It is fitting that the theme for the  RSA Conference from Feb. 24 – 28 is Human Element. It is this focus on human-centric training that cemented our partnership with Microsoft.

We believe in the power of people. When we are educated, supported, and empowered we do amazing things. Give people the right security awareness training, tools, and support and we can build a cyber secure and aware culture.

This is exactly why it makes sense for Microsoft to leverage our security awareness catalog and expertise.

Users falling prey to phishing is one of the most common, impactful risk facing our customers today. Microsoft’s partnership with Terranova Security enables us to deliver an industry-leading solution with differentiated phishing simulation and human-centric training capabilities,

Rob Lefferts, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 Security


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