Laval, Quebec, Canada: Terranova Training, one of the leading providers of information security awareness solutions around the globe, is proud to announce that it has adopted a new name: Terranova WW Corporation.

Explaining the name change, Lise Lapointe, the company’s president and founder, pointed to the evolving nature of the company’s mission and vision.

“Terranova is dedicated to providing comprehensive, advanced security awareness products, and we decided to embrace a name that better reflected that wider reach,” said Lapointe. “Training represents only one aspect of the complete solution that we offer our clients.”

This name change is not the result of any sudden, new developments at Terranova. On the contrary, the company will continue to operate under the same ownership and management and with the same personnel, expertise and resources in place. Since its founding in 2001, Terranova’s security awareness product offerings have expanded to include customized online courses, videos, quizzes, posters, newsletters and much more. The company serves international enterprises and large organizations with users in 180 countries, and its products are available in 20 languages.

This growing portfolio represents Terranova’s natural growth as it has strode to the forefront of the international security awareness market, developing new tools and strategies to address evolving security threats and challenges in every industry. With its new name in place, Terranova WW Corporation will continue this mission unabated.

“Our clients will continue to receive the same unbeatable service they have come to expect from Terranova,” Lapointe stated. “From the customer perspective, only our log, email addresses and website have changed.”

About Terranova WW Corporation:

Terranova WW Corporation offers flexible and customizable solutions for information security awareness and other governance needs of large companies and international organizations. Our online courses, combined with our communication tools, help change users’ behaviours regarding information security, to prevent data breaches that could have a negative impact on the finances and reputation of a company.