xperteamXPERTeam, an expert in Digital Learning solutions in France since 1996, and Terranova Formation, a leader in information security awareness campaigns, announce a business partnership to build on their fields of expertise.

Through this partnership, XPERTeam and Terranova Formation are able to make a full offering, integrating a recognized e-learning platform and effective awareness tools.

Given the increasing costs of cybercrime (+78% in four years) and human error, “raising awareness of risks and what protection is available provides the first line of defence in ensuring the security of computer systems and networks” (ENISA).

Employees are the best guarantee for protection of corporate information.

With the goal of raising employees’ awareness, Terranova-XPERT’s joint offer will enable the transfer of experience, its validation and monitoring of teaching methods, through the use of fun and effective educational tools.


With over 15 years of expertise in distance training, XPERTEAM is the editor of the WBT Digital Learning software suite. Widely used in France and internationally, XPERTEAM solutions are recognized for their rich functionalities, compliance with international standards and ease of implementation.

The WBT Digital Learning suite is a professional solution that comes with an experienced online training team. That’s why many medium-sized corporations and over a third of companies listed on the Cac 40 trust e-learning experts.

XPERTEAM’s main e-learning products:

  • WBT Manager LMS
  • WBT Quiz Manager
  • WBT Social Learning