Cyber Security Training for Employees

With engaging cyber security training for employees, turn your users into a strong line of defense against cyber attacks.

Help Your CISO Sleep Better at Night

Give your leadership and IT teams peace of mind by ensuring your organization operates with a security-aware mindset. You’ll reduce risk and stress, and give your team the bandwidth to focus on bigger projects.

No more:

Inadequate reporting
Clunky integration
Unresponsive support
Boring content

Say hello to:

Comprehensive analytics
Easy SaaS implementation
Continuous, expert support
Hundreds of engaging training modules

The reality is simple: almost 1 in every 10 employees click on phishing email links.

And, regardless of your technical safeguards, all it takes is one wrong click to leave confidential data vulnerable. So, instead of leaving information security in the hands of those odds, bolster your defenses with proven security awareness training.

  • Your best line of defense? Your users
  • Your ally? Terranova Security

Avoid data breaches and related downtime or financial losses.
Strengthen your cyber attack defenses.
Give your customers and partners confidence.
Free up IT time to focus on big projects.
Build a culture that prioritizes cyber security.

How Cyber Security Training for Employees Works

Fortra’s Terranova Security is setting a new bar for engaging, informative security awareness training.

Every content module, from in-depth courses on topics like phishing and ransomware, to immersive Cyber Games activities, helps you reduce the human risk factor, strengthen your cyber threat defenses, and keep your confidential information safe from hackers.

Enhance your program effectiveness

You can also take advantage of our data-driven insights and expert guidance to boost your program’s long-term effectiveness.

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Train your employees in minutes

Cover crucial security fundamentals in bite-sized formats with microlearning and nanolearning modules.

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Ensure data privacy compliance

Help your team members apply data privacy awareness best practices to their daily activities.

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Level up your training participation

Boost engagement and improve knowledge retention with exciting, immersive Cyber Games.

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Give clickers immediate support

Provide phishing simulation clickers with impactful just-in-time training on specific topics with nanovideos.

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Role-based awareness training

Get awareness training built for IT developers and administrators, HR and Finance professionals, executives, and more.

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The Cyber Security Hub

Building a security-aware culture shouldn’t be complicated (or pricey). Share cyber security best practices with your employees instantly with content kits from the Cyber Security Hub.

The Approach that Fuels Security Awareness Success

Terranova Security CISOs have built your blueprint for success so you don’t have too.

Get step-by-step guidance on how to create a strong awareness training strategy, plan and launch program initiatives, and ensure you’re changing unsafe end user behaviors for the better

The 5-step framework approach to cyber security awareness, outlined in the Human Fix to Human Risk, empowers security leaders to:

  • Reinforce best practices with the right communication tools
  • Leverage gamification to enhance awareness training
  • Optimize training effectiveness with real-time, data-driven insights

Better Risk Assessment, Better Cyber Security Training

Identify high-risk individuals and roles and reduce risk with data-driven ratings from the Security Culture Index.

With insights based on cyber security knowledge, access permissions, and more, it’s easier than ever to create personalized, automated training solutions that change behaviors.

Identify individuals

Cyber Security Awareness Training: The Terranova Security Advantage

Get the highest-quality cyber security awareness training that provides an engaging, informative eLearning experience. Terranova Security offers customizable courses, quizzes, game-style activities, and communication tools that are perfect for any industry, organization size, and security awareness budget.

Customizable reports

Customizable reports right from your dashboard

Download customizable reports and share your training results with management. Track end user progress, pinpoint and high-risk areas, and measure your program’s performance.

Easy integration

Easy integration for seamless training deployment

No more clunky integration. No more headaches. Terranova Security simplifies implementation with full, SaaS-based LMS capabilities that are SCORM-compliant.

security experts

Support from in-house CISOs and security experts

Leverage over two decades of industry experience and subject matter expertise to help plan and execute a successful security awareness program.

best training content

The best training content, always at your fingertips

Find the right content for your needs in just a few clicks with the easy-to-use ContentHub. Build engaging courses and phishing simulations from hundreds of templates.

gamified content

Boost engagement and course completion with gamified content

Improve engagement by up to 90% while driving retention. Motivate users with gamified and proven micro-and-nanolearning techniques.

personalized campaigns

Create personalized campaigns

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all learning experience. Personalize every aspect of your awareness training program to you attain your behavior change goals.



Regarding training, we think that the catalog should be large, diverse, interactive, inclusive, accessible, and localized. Terranova Security catalog meets all those requirements, which is why we partnered with them.

- Brandon Koeller, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Reinforce Key Cyber Security Best Practices

Make sure crucial cyber security topics and messaging are always top-of-mind with a diverse suite of communication tools. Leverage videos, infographics, specialized blog posts, and more, with new tools added to the inventory regularly.

VideosReinforce key awareness concepts and skills through stylish visual storytelling.
InfographicsTranslate cyber security concepts into fun, concise infographics that are instantly shareable across any internal communication platform.
Blog postsGo deep on crucial cyber security awareness topics with blog posts on phishing, social engineering, strong passwords, and more.
PostersPromote your training program with visuals you can tailor to match your brand.
NewslettersSend training updates and security best practice highlights directly to your users.

Professional Services for Security Awareness

Take the guesswork out of implementing, managing, and optimizing your security awareness training program with our managed services option. Knowledgeable, friendly, supportive staff will ensure your training initiatives are successful.

CISO Advisory Services

With over 20 years of industry experience, in-house CISO Advisory Services can help you plan and optimize every part of your security awareness training program.

Managed Services

Work with a dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive team to deploy and manage all aspects of your security awareness training program, and ensure you attain your security awareness goals.

Customization Services

Quickly and easily customize branding parameters and content, benefit from extended customization levels, and tailor them to your organization’s reality.

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Terranova has exceeded our expectations. They actively anticipate our needs and reliabily deliver on time. Fantastic partner.

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Tool is easy to use and maintain. They are so responsive and willing to partner to get the job done.

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Terranova has been an excellent vendor to work with. They have consistently helped drive our program to keep us on our deadlines while also working with us to ensure we provide the best content to our end users.

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