The Human Fix 

to Human RiskTM

The Cyber Security Awareness Book that provides step-by-step guidance on how to develop an effective security awareness program that enhances security behaviors.

The Human Fix to Human Risk™ – The must-read for CISOs and security awareness teams. Learn about the 5 steps to masterminding an effective security awareness program, change behaviors and help employees become part of your defense and protect your organization from cyber attacks.

Deploying a security awareness program across an organization can be a complex effort. To change behavior and build a security culture, security awareness should be considered an ongoing program, carefully planned based on the organization’s specific needs and objectives.

CISOs and security awareness teams can only achieve this by applying a framework —an ongoing methodical approach consisting of five phases:

Step 1 | Analyze
Start your proper analysis by taking a closer look at your organization and its culture. There are 9 main areas you should focus on for data gathering including program goals, compliance requirements and target audiences.

Step 2 | Plan
Make decisions focused on 6 key elements to ensure program success. You will need to focus on identifying your security awareness team and communication plan.

Step 3 | Deploy
You should always deploy your campaigns in three phases. Learn more about how to properly test, launch and reinforce.

Step 4 | Measure
We provide you with recommendations on security awareness metrics that should be measured.

Step 5 | Optimize
Finally some guidance on how to optimize your security awareness program and which metrics are most important to making changes and improvements.

Get a quick overview on how to mastermind an effective security awareness program in 5 steps.
(29 pages)

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