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The annual Gone Phishing TournamentTM is a free annual phishing simulation training event that helps organizations and security leaders better understand high-risk areas, compare phishing performance, and establish data-driven goals with accurate benchmarking data.

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Get Expert Recommendations at the Results Webinar

Join Fortra experts, and guest speakers from The National Cybersecurity Alliance and Microsoft, as they present highlights and discuss results from the 2023 Gone Phishing Tournament.

Attendees will enjoy in-depth insights into:

  • The best and worst-performing industries and regions
  • How the results relate to current cyber trends
  • Why phishing simulations are so crucial to strong security awareness.

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What is the Gone
Phishing Tournament?

It’s an online phishing tournament that uses real-world simulations to establish accurate phishing clickthrough rates and additional benchmarking statistics for end user behaviors.

Who Should Participate?

Any organization that wants to measure their phishing click rate and other benchmarks against other participants in the same industry, region, and size range.

Why Should You Register?

By basing benchmarking data on a single phishing template deployed within a pre-determined period, the Gone Phishing Tournament provides organizations worldwide with the actionable insights they need to establish and grow a culture of cyber security awareness.

Fortra’s Terranova Security works with Microsoft to select and build the phishing simulation template used in the annual Gone Phishing Tournament. As in real-world attacks, the simulation used manipulative techniques hackers often exploit to prey on common human instincts, like the automatic trust response. The annual template test end user behaviors like clicking on a link in a phishing message and whether they compromise confidential data.

See how your organization’s phishing knowledge compares to others in your industry and region. Build a stronger, safer organizational with culture with high-validity benchmarking data.

Missed the Gone Phishing Tournament? You Can Still Phish Your Users!

Get accurate benchmarking data that pinpoints your organization’s areas or end users and compare your performance to the global results. Talk to an expert today!

The Gone Phishing Tournament delivers: 


A real-world phishing scenario that tests your organization’s awareness levels


Valuable metrics to evaluate your current security awareness training effectiveness


Benchmarking data that allows you to accurately compare your results to peers

A Cyber Security Event Like No Other 

The Gone Phishing Tournament isn't just a competition. It's your chance to delve deep into the cyber world, understand its threats, and empower your team with the knowledge to fend off phishing attacks.

Explore how to:

Engage in real-world phishing scenarios
Gain and implement crucial feedback on your organization's resilience
Learn from a community dedicated to building a safer digital world

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The 2023 Gone Phishing Tournament Report !

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