Phishing Behaviors and Security Awareness Training

A successful security awareness training program targets specific user behaviors to significantly reduce information security risk factors.


Learn the secrets behind effectively managing the human element of cyber security -- watching the Terranova Security presentation from the 2020 Forrester Security and Risk Virtual Forum on-demand!

This presentation, from author and Terranova Security CEO Lise Lapointe, includes expert insight into:

  • Why high-quality content that’s available in multiple formats, accessible to all users, and enables messaging reinforcement is an integral part of successful security awareness training
  • Why organizations must evaluate and benchmark user phishing behaviors with real-world attack simulations
  • The major pillars of an effective, ever-evolving phishing simulation program
  • How to build a training program and attack simulations that target user phishing behaviors and, using a distinct learning path, help an organization attain its cyber security goals

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