Overcome the Most Common Phishing Threats

According to the 2022 Gone Phishing Tournament Report, 44% of phishing email clickers are prone to compromising their data.

Stronger data protection needs a security awareness program that is structured to meet your organization’s goals and improve user behavior for lasting change. An important first step is for employees to accurately identify phishing attacks.

Effective phishing awareness training should leverage real world intel to consistently deliver world-class training – all in a platform that is easy-to-use.


The Terranova Security Free Phishing Simulation does exactly that and will help you discover:

The intricacies of phishing attacks
How to identify Red Flags
Who in your organization is prone to phishing attacks and how to reduce risk through changes to user behavior


Compare your click rate with industry benchmarks, for stronger data protection.

"Terranova has been an excellent vendor to work with. They have consistently helped drive our program to keep us on our deadlines while also working with us to ensure we provide the best content to our end users."

"Terranova provided solid information security awareness and risk management services across our entire multi-office organization. Highly recommended."

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