Transform Your Employees into Cyber Security Defenders

Instill a security awareness culture within your organization.

Provide your employees with the knowledge they need to defend against cyber threats. Get a comprehensive security awareness training program that empowers your workforce to identify and prevent potential risks.


Security awareness training reduces human error by 60%1

80% of organizations reported that security awareness training decreased their staff’s susceptibility to phishing attacks2 and significantly reduced the risk of a data breach—and so can you.

Reach out to a Terranova Security expert today and discover how stronger cyber security awareness can help you:

Empower your employees with actionable knowledge through our meticulously designed training methods
Obtain real-time insights into your organization’s security landscape
Seamlessly expand training programs to meet the needs of your growing workforce
Provide tailored training modules designed to address unique employee needs
Achieve and maintain compliance with industry regulations and best practices

Start building a robust cyber security culture within your organization.

Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Empower your employees with up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge strategies to identify and prevent cyber attacks. Don’t compromise your organization’s security. Take action today.

For more information on Terranova Security’s awareness training—and how you can bundle different cyber security solutions together to save even more—get started now.


1 Gry Myrtveit Gundersen, “Does phishing training work? Yes! Here’s proof,” CyberPilot (blog), January 5, 2023, https://www.cyberpilot.io/cyberpilot-blog/does-phishing-training-work-yes-heres-proof.

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