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Minimize user-related risk with our cyber security trainings!

Analysis of your organization’s risk landscape and cyber security challenges.


Your one-on-one demo includes an:

Complete security awareness solution and phishing platform guided tour.

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Roadmap of your security awareness objectives.

In-depth exploration of the proven 5-step security awareness framework.

A careless employee who falls for a phishing scam that results in credential theft or a data breach involving 8,000 or more customers happens way too often. Sign up for a live demo and see how we can help decrease your risk of a data breach!

"Terranova has been an excellent vendor to work with. They have consistently helped drive our program to keep us on our deadlines while also working with us to ensure we provide the best content to our end users."

"Terranova provided solid information security awareness and risk management services across our entire multi-office organization. Highly recommended".

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Information Security Risk Analyst

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