Security Awareness Training for Education

Create a safe learning environment by reducing the risk of a data breach. Teach students, faculty, and administrators how to spot crucial cyber attack warning signs with award-winning cyber security awareness training.


Over 22001 cyber attacks victimize education institutions weekly

The reason is simple: All it takes is one ill-advised click on a suspicious link or attachment to leave your most important information vulnerable. If a data breach occurs, your organization could be on the receiving end of serious financial and reputational harm.

Minimize the human risk factor and protect your networks, systems, and online learning ecosystem. Give your employees and students the knowledge they need to detect and report potential threats through engaging, award-winning security awareness training.


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Get straight A’s in cyber security awareness

The best learning experiences don’t stop once the classroom empties. Ensure your students, faculty, and administrators are getting the cyber security awareness education they require to keep information out of the hands of hackers.

When you invest in a training solution from Fortra’s Terranova Security, it’s easy to:

Create and deploy multifaceted security awareness campaigns
Provide practical, real-world exercises with phishing simulations
Boost participation rates with interactive, gamified content
Customize every aspect of your training courses and environment
Monitor performance using built-in analytics and reporting

The Terranova Security team is here to support and guide you every step of the way. With over 20 years of industry expertise at your disposal, building an actionable strategy and hitting all your cyber security goals is straightforward and stress-free.

Don’t wait until after an attack to secure your data

95%2 of data breaches are caused by human error. Unfortunately, too many educational institutions wait until after the damage is done to proactively address vital risk factors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to support high-risk individuals or roles within your organization by educating end users on essential cyber security best practices without restricting their productivity or putting confidential data at risk.

Discover how Terranova Security can help you:


Simplify your security awareness training program deployment


Target the right end user behaviors with engaging, interactive content

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Personalize training campaigns to deliver an unparalleled experience


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