Empower users to become cyber heroes and protect your organization’s data

Learn how our security awareness training programs can reduce the risk of data exposure to phishing and other cyber attacks by more than 14%.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training gives your users the knowledge they need to keep your organization and all your sensitive data safe. The best security awareness training programs use phishing simulations and other practical exercises to teach users how to safeguard against cyber threats like phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering, and more.

Why is Security Awareness Training Important?

Technology alone doesn’t provide your organization with perfect protection from cyber attacks. Security awareness training turns users into cyber heroes who will successfully spot and avoid falling victim to cyber threats. It also cultivates a security mindset and culture that prioritizes the protection of your organization’s data.



Regarding training, we think that the catalog should be large, diverse, interactive, inclusive, accessible and localized.
Terranova Security catalog meets all those requirements, which is why we partnered with them.
- Brandon Koeller, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Increase Security Awareness Through Engaging, Informative Content

Effective training programs use fun, enlightening content to create an appealing, inclusive learning environment. Investing in the right security awareness training tools lets your increase user knowledge and positively influence behavior that significantly reduces risk.


Your Definitive Guide to Security Awareness

Learn everything you need to know about successful, inclusive training programs, from the role of high-quality content to the proven solution behind dealing with human risk. All the answers are just a download away.

Content is King. Get the Royal Treatment.

Our diverse content library is continually updated to ensure that your users can enjoy training that’s current, easy to understand, and backed by the industry’s most respected experts.

Join over 10 million cyber heroes globally who leverage high-quality content to boost user participation rates, improve knowledge retention, and promote a security-first culture.


Security Awareness Essentials

Enables users to master important information security basics, defend against common cyber threats, and keep their data safe.


Training for End Users

Offers a core curriculum that provides users with a comprehensive security awareness training experience.


Training for Managers and Executives

Explores a manager or executive’s roles and responsibilities in observing security awareness best practices.


Training for IT Administrators and IT Developers

This course focuses on security awareness training for information technology professionals like IT administrators and developers. It outlines essential cyber security best practices for networks, databases, and more.


Train Users in Minutes with Microlearning and Nanolearning

Only have a few minutes to devote to security awareness training? We’ve got you covered. Our microlearning and nanolearning content are designed to convey important cyber security subject matter in digestible portions that take just minutes to complete. To find out what kind of content is right for your organization, watch the webcast "Choosing The Right Security Awareness Training Format".

Innovative Nanovideo Training Options

Nanovideos are the latest content innovation from Terranova Security. These short, narrated videos focus on one specific phishing behavior, providing users with a clear, concise reminder of the consequences of a phishing attack and the best practices they must follow to keep their data safe. They can function as either quick just-in-time training for users who exhibited a phishing behavior, or as standalone videos for your intranet or internal social media.

Promote higher rates of knowledge retention and behavior change with innovative nanovideo content. These animated infographics provide a clear, quick reminder of a key security risk, reinforcing different phishing scenarios with just-in-time training that takes 30 seconds or less.



Recognized as a representative vendor in 2020 Market Guide for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training


Boost Engagement with Immersive Communication Tools

Increase employee engagement with a diverse suite of communication tools, with new assets added regularly.

PostersPromote your training program with visuals you can tailor to match your brand.
NewslettersSend training updates and security best practice highlights directly to your users.
Digital wallpapers and web bannersIncrease program engagement with vivid, thought-provoking digital messaging.
Training VideosReinforce key awareness concepts and skills through stylish visual storytelling.

Powerful, Scalable Training Features

Invest in a comprehensive, accessible training solution that benefits all your users. Deploy completely customizable training courses and programs with content and simulations with a proven track record of globalized success.


Customizable Courses and Simulations

Go beyond a one-size-fits-all training experience with customizable security awareness training courses and phishing simulations. Personalize every aspect of your learning environment to support your organization’s needs and goals.


Multilingual Training Support

Provide users with multilingual training content that supports over 40 languages. Build an inclusive, accessible environment that enables every user to absorb important cyber security information in their preferred language.


Engaging Learning Through Gamification

Gamified security awareness training is the gateway to a science-based approach to behavior change. Engage and motivate users with proven gamification techniques like interactive drag-and-drop exercises, quizzes, and more.


Accessible, Inclusive Training

Accessibility isn’t an option – it’s a responsibility that affects everyone in your organization, regardless of role. Implement a training program that embraces diversity and ensures that everyone can deepen their security awareness knowledge.


Flexible Mobile Responsive Content

Give users the freedom to complete their security awareness training on any mobile device. Deploy flexible, omnichannel training that leverages mobile learning techniques to deliver an engrossing experience.

Structured, Data-Driven Security Awareness Success

Our customizable training programs take a multi-layered approach that perfectly combines the conceptual with the practical. Starting with foundational knowledge modules, users also benefit from targeted microlearning and phishing simulations. Take advantage of our data-driven insights and expert guidance to boost your program’s long-term effectiveness.


Build a Secure Remote Workforce

Adopting a remote workforce model means you must adjust your security awareness training accordingly. Empower users to access and share their data safely, regardless of location or time zone.

Build a Thriving Security Awareness Program with Managed Services

Take the guesswork out of implementing, managing, and optimizing your security awareness training program with our managed services option. Our knowledgeable, friendly, supportive staff will make sure that your training initiatives are successful.

Expert CISO Guidance At Your Fingertips

Get savvy support from our in-house CISOs who will help you implement and execute a security awareness training program that delivers significant results. From setting organizational goals to selecting performance indicators that measure compliance, our experts are ready to make your security awareness ambitions a reality.

A Global Security Awareness Training Partner

Everything we do is rooted in our commitment to our clients’ success. No matter what your organizational needs are, we’re here to support you every step of the way.