Transform Human Risk into Your Strongest Defense in Just 5 Steps

Create a culture that prioritizes cyber security awareness.

Discover the secret to making your employees your most robust defense against cyber attacks. Flip the narrative with The Human Fix to Human Risk.

88% of Data Breaches Result from Human Error 

Human error is the cause for a whopping 4.35 million average total cost of data breaches in 2022. And it's more than just a statistic. It's an operational disruption, a compliance issue, a big dent in your credibility, and a potential financial blow.

This eBook, 'The Human Fix to Human Risk', empowers you with the knowledge to avoid being part of this daunting statistic and make your users your organization's strongest asset against cyber threats.

Cyber Insecurity Keeping You Up at Night?

Whether you're a CISO, privacy officer, training administrator, or business owner, your organization's information security rests on the strength of your cyber culture. Don’t build yours with a blindfold on.

Use proven techniques to avoid:

Taking a trial-and-error approach to cyber security awareness
Doubting the effectiveness of your current security awareness program
Combating issues with compliance and IT governance
Fearing human error may lead to catastrophic data breaches
The overwhelming potential costs of cyber security incidents

Instead, strengthen your cyber security where you:

Effectively deploy security awareness initiatives using the 5-step framework
Simplify compliance management with best practice understanding
Empower your team to minimize risks associated with human error
Boost your credibility and trust among stakeholders and consumers
Reduce risk and boost your organization's resilience to cyber threats

Unlock the Power of Human-Centric Cyber Security

The Human Fix to Human Risk isn't just another cyber security book.

It's your strategic blueprint, packed with industry-leading insights, best practices, and proven methodologies. It's about transforming your team, taking control of your cyber security, and achieving peace of mind.

Discover how to:


Deploy a robust security awareness program even if you're starting from scratch


Assess and enhance effectiveness of your existing training program


Navigate compliance regulations confidently with an empowered team


Reduce operational disruptions and financial loss caused by breaches


Leverage your security program to build trust and credibility

Dive in today to uncover the strategies that will reshape your organization's cyber security landscape.

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