How Does Your Click Rate Stack Up?

Results and Recommendations From the Gone Phishing Tournament™ 2019

DURATION: 1 hour

Benchmarking statistics related to phishing simulations are critical for driving behavioral change.

Based on the recent results of the 2019 Gone Phishing Tournament, learn how the click rate data gathered reinforces the importance of implementing a program that combines rich and engaging content for security awareness training and phishing simulations based on real-life scenarios.

You will also learn:

What size of organization is most at risk?
Which industry is most targeted?
Why it’s important that employees use the latest web browser and operating system versions.
Why real-time phishing simulations followed by just-in-time training is the fastest and most effective way to educate people and increase alertness levels to phishing attacks.

Theo Zafirakos, CISSP
CISO & Security Awareness Coach
Terranova Security


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