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Compliance and Governance Training Library

The most visible and powerful support for corporate compliance training objectives comes from the boardroom. Executive boards should invest in and support compliance training as a priority.

The mitigation of reputational risk

Make sure your organization complies with the laws and regulations that impact your industry sector.

Rely on our Compliance and Governance training library to get in-depth training on how to protect the corporate data and respect corporate values & procedures.

We help you select the right courses and customize learning content for your line of business.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

Time: 25 min.

This training module explains the PCI DSS and the importance of protecting customer information. Whether your employees work in a call center or in retail, this course will show them how to handle payment card data securely and how to recognize and respond to data breaches.

Business Continuity Awareness

Time: 30 min.

This course allows organizations, whether public, private, or not-for-profit, to understand the events that cause interruptions, from mere disturbances to short-lived disruptions. Such “breaks” can potentially cause severe damages to business operations.

Your employees must know:

  • Business Continuity Management Program
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Role and responsibilities prior to, during, and following an incident.

Records Management

Time: 30 min.

This course is designed to improve your users’ understanding of what constitutes a personal record, its management, its lifecycle, the components of a management program, and best practices for proper handling and disposal.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Time: 30 min.

This training will allow your employees to recognize threats and ethical wrongdoings. It will help you develop a culture that encompasses your corporate values.

Fraud Risk Management (FRM)

Time: 20 min.

This course provides your staff with the information, knowledge, and competence to successfully address situations of wrongdoing or other irregularities in accordance with your organization’s directives, policies, and orders. Employees learn the meaning of fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as how to identify and report these occurrences.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Time: 20 min.

This training module explores the Occupational Health and Safety Program, including roles, responsibilities, and procedures. Employees and employers share the responsibility for establishing a safe and healthy workplace. Together, they take every rational precaution to safeguard people’s well-being and reduce occupational injuries and illnesses.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Time: 20 min.

This course defines workplace violence as any action, conduct, threat, or gesture that targets an employee in the workplace, or that can reasonably be expected to cause that employee harm, injury, or illness. In a safe and healthy workplace, managers and supervisors work with employees to effectively address workplace risks.

Defensive Security Brief (DSB)

Time: 20 min.

This training is aimed at employees travelling internationally, whether for business or leisure. Teach them the importance of travelling safely, the security situation of the host country, its laws and customs, as well as any entry requirements.

Building Emergency Evacuation Plans (BEEP)

Time: 20 min.

This training provides information on types of emergencies that may occur and the appropriate response to assure occupant safety. Your users will learn about emergency procedures and their role and responsibilities regarding the emergency plan. Ensure employees understand how to respond to emergencies occurring within their facilities.

Fundamental and Privacy Breach (ATIP)

Time: 20 min.

This training will enable your staff members to identify, prevent, and mitigate privacy breaches when they occur. It also provides a valuable opportunity to understand how to process an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request and how to protect the information requested under the ATIP Acts.

Values and Ethics

Time: 20 min.

This training will guide your employees in making professional and ethical decisions in situations that may seem ambiguous.

The course covers these topics:

  • Company Values
  • Types of Conflicts of Interest
  • Ethical Guidance
  • Employee Responsibilities and Duties

Sustainable Development Awareness

Time: 45 min.

Sustainability awareness is an important consideration for organizations in their efforts to avoid potential reputational risks. The course’s main objective is to help employees understand sustainability objectives, such as responsible purchasing, lower energy use and waste production, green sourcing, and equitable work conditions. Employees can then engage with the company to find solutions to the challenges of sustainability and help create a meaningful impact.

Communication Tools

Adaptive. Engaging. Sharp.

Imagine the right communication strategy for your compliance and governance campaigns. Imagine the right tools that effectively engage audiences while adapting to your organization and facilitating successful collaborations among employees.

Now imagine all this, just in time.

Your Communication Toolbox

A complete suite of communication tools that features relevant topics. Content and visual designs are updated regularly as to reflect ongoing trends in your industry sector.


  • Raise awareness for compliance
  • Mobilize your workforce
  • Promote new and existing campaigns
  • Reinforce learned concepts and skills

Captivate audience attention and increase participation with:



Artwork includes: classic, realistic imagery or comic book narratives. Both styles can be tailored to your training context.


Provide an overview of key topics for compliance and governance and enable users to focus on best practices.


Artwork includes: classic, realistic imagery or comic book narratives. Boosting campaign visibility through thought-provoking messages on computer desktops.


Streaming headlines for best practices. Media is available in two standard sizes or can be customized to suit your format: 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.


Running 4 minutes in length, each video emphasizes learned concepts and skills through storytelling. Shed light on core learning content with Hollywood-style narratives and characters.



To keep your organization and your people secure from cyber-attacks, we’ve partnered with NINJIO. NINJIO produces Hollywood-style, animated story-based episodes designed to educate users about cyber-security. These episodes are 3-4 minutes in length and they teach a lesson on one specific security threat using a real-life security breach as the story line.

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