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A great collection of white papers including insights and best practices shared by subject-matter experts in security awareness. To help security professionals effectively raise security awareness, build a security culture and change user behavior, here are our top picks for this month:

Three Success Factors For Long-term Behavioral Change in Cyber Security Awareness

A white paper that proposes a central inquiry: how to motivate end users to change behavior? Learn key tips and apply expert recommendations in your next security awareness program. Creating a security culture within your business starts here!

GDPR. Protecting Data is Protection People.

A document that goes beyond theory. Acquire the skills to plan and launch an effective GDPR awareness training initiative throughout your organization. Learn the benefits of such a program and start implementing its key principles.

LMS: Start Measuring End User Participation

A white paper that sheds light on the importance of using an effective security awareness management system. The document explores: how effective are your training efforts, what key concepts are being taught, the actual distribution of training material, and the overall browsing experience for end users.

Learn How to Improve your Defense Against Phishing Attacks

Fighting Phishing – 2020 Foresight by Gartner
Gartner [Fighting Phishing], [Peter Firstbrook, Neil Wynne], [19 july 2018]