Having a strong cyber security awareness program is a necessity in 2021. But are you implementing the proper measures?

On June 22nd, Terranova Security hosted the 2021 edition of the Security Awareness Virtual Summit, sponsored by Microsoft. The event, one of the biggest of the year for cyber security leaders everywhere, will focus on ways to better incorporate security awareness training, which addresses the crucial human aspect of cyber security, into reducing the impact of potential attacks.

Attendees will enjoy informative presentations on a variety of security awareness training topics. You can also submit questions to a panel of industry experts and get an in-depth look at how a security and phishing awareness training solution successfully changes behavior.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the event agenda:

The Importance of Diverse, Inclusive Security Awareness Training

Informative, engaging content is an essential part of an effective security awareness training program, but it will only be successful if delivered correctly to your users. Considering people’s schedules isn’t enough anymore. Offering a variety of learning options is key to your program’s success.

Security awareness is no longer a responsibility shouldered only by IT, and other departments should be integrated into the discussion to have the best possible strategy.

Presented by Terranova Founder and CEO Lise Lapointe, this session will discuss the importance of diversity when creating your cyber security awareness program. Having various voices, opinions, and ideas will ensure that you have the best learning experience possible.

Protecting The 5th Domain: Effecting And Measuring Awareness In Cyber Security

The 5th domain refers to the newest theater of warfare – cyber space – joining land, sea, air, and space. This may sound extreme, but many businesses now find themselves at the center of attacks led by hostile nations, and you must be prepared accordingly.

Technological ecosystems worldwide have changed tremendously in recent years, to the point where many IT departments have had to make drastic adjustments. One of the most notable trends includes a greater understanding of the human aspect of cyber security over typical software solutions.

In this session, Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director at National Cyber Security Alliance, will explore the historical context of cyber security awareness and the increasing need to consider the human context when devising cyber security awareness programs.

Best Practices for An Effective Phish Training Program – One Year Later

It’s no secret, the only way to sustainably deal with phishing is to put in place a robust training and simulation program. While some software methods exist, the best defense against this type of attack is still awareness and regular user tests.

In this talk, Microsoft will share their insights and experiential best practices for creating an effective end user phish education and training program from the ground up.

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define goals
  • Allocate resources
  • Select payloads
  • Determine targeting and frequency
  • Operationalize the program with automation
  • Measure success

Why Phishing Campaigns Are Critical to Successful Security Awareness Training Programs

The event will also feature a panel discussion moderated by Nicole Perlroth, NY Times, and industry experts from Capgemini, Delta, Microsoft, and Omnicom Group.

Our panelists will share how they’ve successfully implemented phishing campaigns within their cyber security programs and will show you how to replicate their wins at your organization.

This panel will also include questions from the attendees. Please submit your questions to [email protected].

Exciting New Terranova Security Content – Debuting Exclusively at the Security Awareness Virtual Summit

The Terranova Security Content team will also be unveiling the organization’s newest training innovation in the form of an exciting new module.

These unique security awareness training assets, crafted by the Terranova Security in-house CISO expertise, will leverage problem-solving techniques to reinforce fundamental security awareness training best practices. They will also facilitate behavior change, enabling organizations to support their cyber security objectives and maximize their ROI through high-quality, multilingual content.

Attendees will get an in-depth walkthrough of the look and feel of these new Terranova Security content modules, as well as a preview of topics that will be covered in future releases.

An Event You Won’t Want to Miss!

Watch the on-demand summit and learn how to:

  • Construct successful security awareness training initiatives supported by real-world phishing campaigns
  • Continually optimize your training campaigns through actionable reporting and data-driven decision-making
  • Develop an inclusive, human-centric approach to security awareness training