Just in time for Cybersecurity Month, Terranova WW Corporation launches a new version of its phishing platform, Terranova Phishing Simulation. Test your organization’s vulnerability!

Your employees: your best defence against phishing attacks

The Terranova Phishing Simulation platform is the perfect tool to test employees’ ability to identify fraudulent emails and phishing attempts. You can design simulations completely adapted to the various risks present in your company, whether it’s a small- or medium-sized enterprise or a multinational. The broad range of email models and highly sophisticated scenarios, based on genuine cases, will put your employees’ knowledge of cyber security to the test.

A flexible and user-friendly platform

Fully automated, the new version of the platform is even easier to use and the intuitive navigation lets you build your own phishing simulations, in just a few clicks.

The email models, links, homepages, attachments and data entry forms are completely customizable. Moreover, the platform is available in over 37 languages, making it possible for multinationals to adapt their campaigns to different countries and cultures

Need some help to manage your phishing simulation launch?

You can count on our expertise! A multidisciplinary team will guide you through every step to ensure the success of your campaign.

Identity theft, fraud, bank account takeovers, access to data or confidential information: the consequences of phishing can be disastrous. That’s why it’s crucial to test your resistance to cyber attacks and improve your employees’ knowledge about phishing attempts. Terranova is the partner of choice when it comes time to change behaviours and to ensure that your employees are the strong links in your organization in terms of information security.

Advantageous features

  • Multilingual platform (over 37 languages)
  • A unique pricing structure
  • Professional and managed services