protection-of-their-personal-informationThe survey published by the Privacy Commissioner demonstrates the growing concern of Canadians to protect their personal information. This is their main concern.

First, it demonstrates awareness concerning the dangers of using personal information is an unsafe manner. In fact, people weren’t previously as aware of this problem and the consequences that it could entail. However, in recent years, many cases of identity theft or disclosure of personal and confidential information have been publicized.

Whether it’s in regards to website hacking, phishing techniques, privacy breaches using social media or email, just to name a few.

Nevertheless, the survey results show that people do not have the appropriate knowledge or expertise to adequately protect their personal information and deal with various threats. This is why we must continue to raise awareness on secure practices in order for them to manage their information and their computers (passwords, antivirus, vulnerability and operating system patches, use of email and the Internet, etc.).

By increasing people’s skills in relation to information security, they will recognize potentially risky situations. Thus, they will become less fearful (by lack of knowledge) and will be more comfortable in adopting best practices to safeguard the privacy of their personal information.

By Patrick Paradis, Information Security Adisor