Impress upon staff how important it is to secure their home computer.  

In 2014, 84% of American households had a home computer* and, in 2015, 86% of adult Americans owned a smart phone**. While more and more people now have Internet access, very few unfortunately take measures to protect their identities and the information stored on their computers.

It isn’t always easy to interest staff in training, even less easy to get them to change their habits. A number of studies have shown, however, that as soon as an employee sees a personal benefit in a training course, they become more inclined to follow it willingly. That’s why Terranova developed a module entitled Protecting Your Home Computer. To help you promote your training program and encourage staff to get onboard, we included this module in our information security for users course offering.

Whether it’s for a computer, a tablet or a smart phone, users can raise the level of protection for their personal devices. By introducing them to best practices, you are also helping them protect their sensitive information and personal devices against cyberattack. From password management to protecting a home Wi-Fi network, from the safe use of social media to shopping online, with our Protecting Your Home Computer module, users will come to better understand the risks and learn how to reduce their exposure.

Finally, we’d like to draw your attention to a simple fact: employees who habitually act to protect their information at home will surely apply the same measures when they’re at work.

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* Census: Computer ownership, internet connection varies widely across U.S.
** Technology Device Ownership: 2015