Terranova Security Highlights Three Focus Areas for Cyber security Awareness In 2018

2017 has proven to be a very challenging year for information security professionals. We had to face significant data breaches, persistent phishing attacks, growing malware trends, and privacy vulnerabilities. To top it off, social engineering continues to navigate the overall landscape of cyber security awareness as well as day-to-day dealings between humans. Despite the mountain of threats that we had to overcome, we have made considerable efforts in raising awareness for information security. Still, there remains a lot more work to be done in this regard.

Forbes Contributor, Gil Press, reveals 60 Cyber security Predictions for 2018. The list includes a wide range of key areas that will probably captivate our attention in the new year: from stronger privacy regulations and more sophisticated phishing techniques to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Indeed, security professionals have their work cut out.

Terranova welcomes the challenge. Throughout 2017, we have strengthened our training curriculum to include stimulating up-to-date phishing scenarios, new microlearning modules as well as interactive courses for privacy regulation and compliance. In 2018, we will continue offering customized and engaging training opportunities for information security awareness.


Focus Areas for 2018

1. Getting GDPR ready. This should be your main priority in 2018. The due date for compliance is May 25th. Training your employees in privacy regulations is vital for your business as failure to comply will result in serious financial penalties. View Terranova’s privacy library for GDPR training.

2. Preventing data breaches will represent another key area in 2018. There have been many reported cases this past year, some larger than others, including the Equifax Data Breach which affected 145.5 million Americans and 19 thousand Canadians, as reported by CBC News. The most efficient way to prevent data breaches is to engage end users via effective security awareness training campaigns. Terranova’s complete solution does exactly that. Via our e-learning courses, we partner with security professionals to ensure the end-to-end implementation of cybersecurity awareness campaigns. Dedicated project managers are ready to guide you Every Step of the Way. Terranova offers communication material that reinforces best practices. Likewise, phishing simulation exercises are interactive ways to test employees’ detection skills and evaluate vulnerable areas within the workforce. New scenarios are made available via LMS on a regular basis. This allows you to adapt your phishing simulation content to current trends in cyber security.

3. IoT will cause more tension in the new year. Therefore, it is fundamental that this subject becomes part of your conversation with staff. It is also a contributing factor to establishing a vigorous training curriculum in your organization. You will be adding value to your security awareness campaign by allowing your end users to understand how information security best practices translate into their homes. IoT sets the stage for smart and effective training, which in turn, instills a security culture in your organization.


The overall objective is to make information security awareness work seamlessly within your organization so that each employee feels that he/she is confident in applying best practice in their everyday routine. The goal is to ensure successful behavioral change among your workforce so that your business strives as a leader in the industry.