malwareA report by the FireEye firm lists several findings regarding malware hitting businesses every 3 minutes on average. This report particularly identifies key business sectors that are targeted by malicious programs, such as the technology field. It also reveals that the perpetrators of these attacks include more and more terminology of professional connotation used within businesses, such as the names of familiar files (e.g.: UPS, details, documents, FedEx, invoice, tracking, report, etc.), for spear phishing purposes. In addition, it reported that files with a .ZIP extension remain the preferred medium for the transmission of malware via email.

Other findings indicate that malware authors use various innovations and tactics to thwart standard security detection tools. In fact, hackers exploit .DLL files to prolong the infection caused by their attacks instead of .exe files that are generally well detected by an antivirus. Also, some malware run only when users move their mouse, which dupes traditional detection tools.

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By Patrick Paradis, Information Security Advisor