Cyber Security Training for Employees

Terranova WW Corporation is excited to reveal its latest security awareness training program: ISA for SMB – Information Security Awareness for Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

Cybersecurity has long been seen as an enterprise-level concern. But the digital landscape is changing, and cybercriminals are now increasingly targeting SMBs. The most recent National Small Business Association Year-End Economic Report found that among 675 U.S.-based SMB owners, half had been victimized by cybercriminals. The average cost of such an incident was more than $20,000. Consequently, more than 90 percent of respondents said they are now concerned about cybersecurity within their businesses.

This and other reports make it clear that SMBs need to improve their cybersecurity capabilities in order to remain safe in the coming years. Cybercriminals now realize that SMBs are often easier to infiltrate than large enterprises, as bigger firms tend to invest heavily in cybersecurity. It is now time for SMBs to follow suit.

Information security awareness campaigns must play a key role in any such effort. With a robust, comprehensive employee training program that covers all relevant best practices, such as ISA for SMB, smaller firms can transform all of their workers into strong links in their overall cybersecurity defenses.

As one of the world’s leading providers of security awareness training programs for global enterprises, Terranova’s ISA for SMB program builds off our proven success with an approach tailored to SMBs’ unique challenges. ISA for SMB will cover many cybersecurity subjects, including:

  • The goals of information security, as well as what qualifies as sensitive or personal information
  • Common threats to information security and appropriate countermeasures
  • How to surf the Internet securely
  • How to remain secure while traveling
  • Best practices for creating strong passwords
  • How to identify email scams, including phishing attempts

ISA for SMB will help SMB owners and leaders to equip their employees with the information they need to ward off increasingly dangerous cyberthreats, creating more secure, compliant organizations in the process.

About Terranova WW Corporation:

Terranova WW Corporation offers flexible and customizable solutions for information security awareness and other governance needs of large companies and international organizations. Our online courses, combined with our communication tools, help change users’ behaviours regarding information security, to prevent data breaches that could have a negative impact on the finances and reputation of a company.