whitehouseIn February, President Obama signed an executive order to strengthen the protection of critical American infrastructures from increasing security threats and cyber attacks. The decree includes, among other things, improving how information is shared and identifying potential threats. It also stipulates the obligation, for federal agencies, to report intrusions which occurred on their systems. In addition, the U.S. president entrusted NIST to develop a framework to reduce IT risks in critical infrastructures, based on standards and best practices recognized by the IT security industry.

A month later, Barack Obama met with a group of CEOs from major American companies to discuss cybersecurity, especially regarding their vulnerabilities to IT threats, as well as the government’s action plan.

James Lewis, of the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies), is one of the people who advised Congress and the Obama administration on cybersecurity. In an interview on CNBC, he mentions the ease with which malicious people can intrude certain corporate networks. He also discusses cyber espionage and cyber crime aimed at financial institutions and the real risks that arise in the loss of intellectual property.

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By Patrick Paradis, Information Security Advisor