ISF Berlin

Berlin is hosting the 27th Information Security Forum’s Annual World Congress from October 22 to 25 and Terranova will be there!

One of the most important gatherings in the field of information security, the event will bring together 1000 senior executives (CISO and CSO) from all over the world. It offers the perfect opportunity to talk with opinion leaders and find concrete solutions to multiple security challenges. Presentations, workshops, networking activities and an exhibition space will be available to participants.

Recognized by Gartner as a world leader in security information, Terranova is committed to ensuring its clients are always satisfied, through its offer of new products and an innovative approach. And because Germany has some of the highest personal information protection standards in the world, it was a given that we would participate in the event to learn more about information security needs in that country.

Terranova serves more than 60 countries and our products are available in over 37 languages. No matter the size of your organization, your location, the language used or your sector of activities, you can count on our expertise! Our multidisciplinary team will guide you through each step of the project, ensuring that your campaign is a success, adapting it to the specific risks facing your company or industry.

Terranova is the partner of choice when it comes time to implement a global awareness campaign and to make your employees the strong links in your organization in terms of information security. That is why we’re proud to contribute to the success of this huge event!

Several members of our team will be present throughout the Congress. If you are attending, come and visit us at booth #22.