Gartner has named Terranova a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness computer-based training! We are very pleased to see that Gartner has recognized us based on what we feel is the significant work that we have done to execute on our vision and demonstrate leadership in the market.

The Security Awareness Training market is characterized by a relatively low barrier to entry. While it is a very crowded market with many players tackling small pieces of the human risk puzzle, only a few have managed to deliver a complete solution, and even fewer can help organizations achieve true behavioral change and mitigate human risk factors.

Simply launching training campaigns and phishing users does not guarantee behavioral change in the workforce. Mastering behavioral change and empowering our clients to achieve it through thoughtful security awareness programs is how Terranova excels and where we have significantly amplified our efforts over the past year. As detailed below, we believe that the result of this work is based on the 5 people-centric elements for cybersecurity awareness success, and which is what led to our placement in the Leaders quadrant this year.

Security Awareness computer-based training

1) Consultative approach

CISO Coaching: Our CISO coaching service empowers our clients with the expertise around launching effective training and phishing simulation campaigns. Terranova’s in-house security awareness experts have the real-life track record as CISO’s of large global organizations delivering successful security awareness campaigns. We don’t talk theoretically; we have been there and done that!
• Expertise in security awareness, adult learning and behavioral psychology: Combined with our in-house CISOs, our expertise in pedagogy and behavioral psychology is at the foundation of our instructional design of our content and of our 5-step framework.
New maturity assessment: We have developed a free online assessment to help our clients and prospects determine the maturity of their awareness programs and get personalized recommendations on how they can advance their program.

Security Awareness computer-based training2) Power of personalization:

Terranova offers a variety of content styles and the ability to personalize the content to the organization’s brand, culture and languages.  No other vendor comes close to our multi-lingual content that is not only translated, but also narrated and culturally adapted. In addition, the end-to-end multi-lingual experience that our platforms enable provides users with a fully native language experience, all the way from the platform interfaces to the content and email messages. This offering has been a crucial reason why many large global corporations, who really care about going the extra mile to adapt to their increasingly global workforce, have selected Terranova over the past year.

Security Awareness computer-based training3) Evidence-based framework:

A repeatable, proven framework is essential for security awareness success. Our CISO’s leverage the evidence-based Terranova security awareness framework that has proven successful at driving behavioral change for our clients.

Security Awareness computer-based training4) Automation and Ease of Use:

We have delivered our next-generation Security Awareness Management solution that enables the assembly of modular, targeted campaigns to maximize training effectiveness. In addition, our phishing simulation platform has been enhanced with automation capabilities and new scenarios/in-the-moment feedback based on the latest phishing threats.

Security Awareness computer-based training

5) Flexible Delivery Models:

Perhaps the most important aspect is our flexibility with our clients. They can choose to have Terranova completely manage their security awareness program (Security Awareness as a service) on their behalf, manage some aspects of it, or opt for the self-managed model. In addition, our content can be used as is, or completely personalized for our clients. This has been critical for many of our clients who struggle with the lack of security awareness expertise. With Terranova, our clients can run Security Awareness their way, and they’re never stuck with a one-size fits all approach. At Terranova, we call this “The Human Fix to Human Risk”; thereby emphasizing that a human, personalized and adaptable approach is needed to solve the human risk challenge.

Learn more about this evidence-based approach in the recently launched Cyber Security Awareness book “The Human Fix to Human Risk” published by our Founder and CEO, Lise Lapointe.

Hadeel Dabbagh