Raise User Awareness, Reduce Your Risk, Create Cyber Heroes with Real-Time Phishing Simulations

Be proactive against cyber attacks with a comprehensive security awareness training solution that uses real-time phishing simulation

Are You At Risk of Being Phished?

Phishing is a cybercrime that uses savvy emails, websites, and text messages to trick people into giving away confidential information. Find out if you’re at risk of being phished. Don’t let your employees be phished.

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Proactive Security Awareness Training with Real-Time Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulation must be part of your comprehensive security awareness training program.

Personalized Training

Use off the shelf templates or customize them to meet employee and organization goals.

Flexible and Scalable

Secure your data, guarantee privacy, and support a large number of users with a scalable cloud solution.

Track and Monitor Security Awareness Levels

Visual reporting tools show you what people are learning and where more training is needed.

Identify and Target High-Risk Users

Use phishing simulation results to identify at-risk employees. Deliver customized simulations to high-risk users.

Real-World Scenarios

Choose from a deep selection of real-world phishing scenarios designed to show how easy it is to be phished by an email, landing page, text message, or link.

SaaS Solution

Leverage agile security awareness training wherever and whenever you want. Make it easy for employees to raise their awareness levels.

Just-In-Time Training

Instantly redirect users to training material that changes behavior and builds awareness.

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Improve User Awareness. Enhance Process Controls. Provide Actionable Cyber Security Knowledge.

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Top 10 Benefits of the Phishing Simulation Platform

1. Measure levels of organization and employee phishing vulnerability.

2. Increase user alertness to how phishing happens.

3. Eliminate your cyber threat risk level.

4. Create cyber security heroes.

5. Deploy customized targeted anti-phishing solutions.

6. Change behavior to eliminate the automatic trust response.

7. Protect corporate and personal data from cybercriminals.

8. Meet industry compliance obligations.

9. Monitor and scale the impacts of security awareness training.

10. Give employees exactly what they need to stay safe from cyber attacks.

Phishing simulations are a critical component of a comprehensive security awareness training solution.

Empower your organization with an inclusive solution.

Train Cyber Heroes. Develop Cyber Security Aware Culture. Reduce The Human Risk. Protect Your Organization.

People-Centric Security Awareness Training

Phishing attacks are successful because they rely on the human tendency to trust others.

It’s critical that your security awareness training demonstrates how easy it is to be tricked into giving up confidential information.

Give your people the tools, resources, and cyber security aware environment to protect themselves and your organization.

Build and strengthen your cyber security aware culture with real-time phishing simulations.

Watch Why Go Phishing?

Build your business case for phishing simulations in your organization.

How to Prevent BEC with Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation Training

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Raise Employee Awareness of Phishing

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Start your free 30-day free trial so you can identify which employees are at risk of phishing.

Many employees don’t know what phishing is. Alert your team to the risks of clicking links, downloading attachments, and automatically clicking Reply.

Don’t become a victim of, BEC, CEO fraud, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, and whaling.

Real-time phishing simulations have proven to double employee awareness retention rates and yield a near 40% ROI, versus more traditional cybersecurity training tactics (Ponemon Study)

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