Laval, QC, July 27, 2021 – Terranova Security, the global partner of choice in cyber security awareness training, announced a partnership with Security Innovation, an authority in software security training for IT professionals. The partnership addresses a key business need for many organizations today: the creation of a unified culture of cyber security through role-based cyber security awareness training.

Those in charge of cyber security training at organizations both big and small face a unique challenge in creating a strong culture of cyber security, as different individuals within their organizations require unique cyber security awareness training that is specific to their roles. This can lead to organizations often using multiple cyber security training programs to train employees, creating additional costs, investments in time, and ultimately blind spots for the organizations.

Knowledge workers require more general training around topics like email safety, identifying phishing attempts, and password protection, while IT staff require more specialized training around how software/technology can be attacked and what can be done to nullify threats. However, technical teams like developers may require training in both areas to ensure that they’re not only securing software and data, but that they’re not falling victim to an email phishing attempt. By asking users to toggle between multiple training programs to receive all the necessary training, organizations may confuse and disengage employees, leading to a weaker overall culture of cyber security.

With Terranova Security recognized for providing best-in-class cyber security awareness training for non-IT staff and Security Innovation known for providing best-in-class cyber security awareness training to IT staff, each organization is now able to provide a more comprehensive awareness offering. The result is a seamless experience for the customer, both from a platform perspective and from a learning perspective.

“Organizations need a one-stop-shop for cyber security awareness training. This training must be not only simple, but effective. It must be able to arm every employee with the knowledge they need to be cyber aware, regardless of what their role in the organization is,” said Lise Lapointe, Terranova Security CEO.

“Through this partnership with Security Innovation, we’re creating a training offering that can be the one source of truth for cyber security leaders and ultimately, their employees.”

“Both companies take a role-based approach to ensure only necessary training is taken for the job function,” said Lisa Parcella, VP of Product Management & Marketing at Security Innovation. “Customers now also get to benefit from our joint hands-on, simulated approaches so they can expect similar high-quality results. This will make the training process unified, ubiquitous, and highly effective.”

The partnership will provide customers and their employees access to a wide array of cyber security awareness training. The courses will offer:

  • Methodologies backed by science – Modeled on the ADDIE approach (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation), courses will be presented to the end user in a digestible, comprehensive manner.
  • Hands-on simulations – Used to determine if knowledge is getting absorbed and applied correctly in the ‘real-world,’ simulations are a powerful tool to reduce the risks associated with cyber threats.
  • The removal of complexity – Stripping away unnecessary elements, customer success programs help with the roll-out, learning path creation, measurement, communications, and goal setting, so end users get the awareness training they need in a fast and straightforward way.

For organizations looking to take advantage of the new partnership, Terranova Security and Security Innovation are offering one free year of cyber security awareness training for every three years purchased. More information on this offer can be found here.

About Terranova Security
Terranova Security is a global security awareness training leader selected by Microsoft as their partner of choice to bring the best in security awareness training content to customers. Successful Terranova Security awareness programs and phishing simulations have provided organizations around the world with the highest-quality content, most multilingual security awareness platform, training and communications portfolio, and intuitive phishing simulator in the industry. Organizations continue to leverage the Terranova Security awareness 5-step framework, which provides an evidence-based, step-by-step approach to a successful security awareness program. Terranova Security is working with organizations and security awareness teams worldwide to design programs that drastically reduce the human risk factor to counter all cyber attacks effectively. Learn more at

About Security Innovation

Security Innovation is a pioneer in software security and literally wrote the book on How to Break Software Security. Since 2002, organizations have relied on the company’s assessment and training solutions to secure software wherever it runs. Recognized 6x on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the company’s flagship CMD+CTRL Training platform combines role-based courses with hands-on cyber ranges to build skills that stick. For more information, visit Security Innovation or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter.