The Terranova Security team is excited to be joining HelpSystems, a software company dedicated to helping organizations build secure, automated operations. By becoming part of the HelpSystems family, Terranova Security will reinforce its position as a global leader in security awareness training and grow its offering substantially. 

How do existing Terranova Security customers benefit from this move? Here are the major advantages all clients should be aware of: 

1. New Family, Same Industry-Leading Solution

When it comes to your security awareness training program and its day-to-day administration, it’s business as usual for all current customers. Keeping the status quo means you’ll still have access to your existing security awareness content, phishing simulations, reinforcement tools, and other training assets. 

As a result, all Terranova Security clients can rest assured that nothing changes regarding ongoing and future behavior change initiatives. 

2. Even More Innovations and Optimizations

Being part of the HelpSystems family will bring even more innovations and optimizations into the fold for the Terranova Security offering. From additional modules in engaging, interactive formats like Serious Game to upcoming releases that will be game-changers for Terranova Security customers and partners, fueling enhanced awareness training across the board. 

To discover more about the latest features and updates, existing Terranova Security administrators are invited to download the latest documentation from the Support in the Security Awareness Platform. 

3. Augmented Resources to Drive Value

Joining HelpSystems will provide Terranova Security with augmented resources and capabilities over the long haul. Because of this, customers and partners can look forward to a wide range of enhancements coming to the Security Awareness Platform, including Cyber Hero Score, which is coming Summer 2022.  

All these additions will drive value across all facets of the Terranova Security solution, strengthening all ongoing and future behavior change initiatives. As a result, organizations will have more assets at their disposal to train their cyber heroes. 

4. Dedicated Customer Support 

Another aspect of Terranova Security that remains the same is our dedicated Customer Success team. Like Terranova Security, HelpSystems is always putting its customers and employees first, providing organizations with the support they need to reduce risk and safeguard sensitive information from cyber threats. 

Existing Terranova Security clients will still have their dedicated Customer Success Manager and Account Manager by their side every step of the way to ensure all security awareness training objectives are attained. 

5. An Exciting Future Ahead

This post has talked a lot about the here and now, but the Terranova Security team is even more excited about what the future holds—not just for current customers and partners, but for the security awareness training marketplace as a whole.  

Everyone who’s trusted part of their cyber security strategy to Terranova Security has played an integral part in helping us get to this stage. There are many exciting days ahead for the solution and its surrounding ecosystem, which includes partners and clients worldwide. 

We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!  


For more information on this move benefits all Terranova Security customers and partners, consult the official press release.